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The Jackadians

The Canadian Fans of Jack's Mannequin

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Welcome to Jackadians, the community for the Canadian fans of Jack's Mannequin.

Some of you may be familiar with the TV show Canadian Idol. Some of you may also remember one of the winners: Kalan Porter. You will recall, that he had a fanbase known as the Kalanadians.

That being said, yeah we probably did kind of rip him off... but whatever. Jack's Mannequin is about 10 million times cooler than Kalan could ever dream of being.

To sum it up:


This is the community that will be designated to connect all Jackadians in an effort to make sure that MuchMusic and every radio station across our great nation hears what Jack's has to offer.


As this community is just getting off the ground, we need people to help promote and make other fellow Jackadians aware of what we're trying to do. Promote on MySpace, LiveJournal, or if you're part of the Messengers, promote us in your signature! And if you're not part of the Messengers, well then what are you waiting for? JOIN HERE.


This commmunity is still underconstruction, but please feel free to join and help spread the word!

You may join if you're not a Canadian, but please keep in mind that it is meant for Canadian fans.

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